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27 Nov 2013 - 18:02109311
Anime/Games/Cosplay/Merchandise etc clear out XD
Looking to clog the thread with my crap that I dont need XD

Looking to clear stuff, not sure about prices on some stuff so feel free to make me an offer XD

Gilbert Nightray Art book cosplay (Wig, boots, pants, cravet not included)

PS2 FF10
PS2 FF10-2
PS2 Metal gear solid 2
DVD The Tokyo Project R1
DVD Dark Cat R1
360 Darksiders 2 (Unopened in wrapper still)

Above 6

DVD Landlock
DVD Amon Saga
DVD Yu Yu Hakusho vol 1
DVD Angel of Darkness (Live action 18+) R1
DVD Cosplay Encyclopedia R1

Above 6

DVD Kitaro: Kojiki, A story in concert R1
DVD Ninja Cadets R1
DVD Puni Puni Poemy

Above 3

Studio Brocolli towel (?)

Gaunts Ghost Sabbat crusade special edtion set

Limited certificate thingy XD

Yeahhhhhh......Where did my old account go XD....with like one cosplay of Resi 1 wesker XD

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27 Dec 2013 - 19:25109856
hey how much would you want for the darksiders 2 game?

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