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24 Nov 2013 - 23:57109284
Cosplay Questions
Help with my Diploma!
Dear all,

I am currently writing my diploma about Cosplay. And I was waiting a really long time for the answers of Hang Zen who wrote the book: Soul stealer. Well he never answered and here I am sitting a day before a have to turn my paper in. Do you think you could answer a few questions to the topic of cosplay? It would be great if someone could answer you is an expert on asian cosplay.
I would be forever grateful. All the best, Virginie

Here are the questions:

Where do you think lays the essential difference in costuming between the Mulian Opera and Cosplay?

Did you see a shift in behavior as soon as you are dressed up?

Do you think we shift to fast into hyperreality?

Can you talk a little bit about the realization of dreams from the individuals in Cosplay?

Why do you think that Cosplay and World Of Warcraft is so favorable especially to Asian teenagers?

What is the reason that there are so many traditional elements in Cosplay?

Which one is your favorite character?

Where does your fascination for masks come from?

Why do you think the society has the urge to dress up?

Thank you very much

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