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26 Mar 2009 - 18:2912154
anyone in bristol need help with there costume for free
Hi im kaz and i have owned a costume and dance design business for over 20 years.
if any of you want to come to my workshop and build or sew there costume thats great i have industrial machines,and all sorts of buckles popers and most costume fabrics here, so if you need help then get intouch, latex,mouldings,sewing, anything.

we are going to the bristol comic expo.
chat soon

26 Mar 2009 - 18:3812155
that great word. Free. That all sounds great I must remember you.

I predict that the world will end at half past six. what i don't know is exactly when.
26 Mar 2009 - 21:3912166
yes i would love to help any of you design anf make your outfits i am so into cosplay its so great, i have lots of fabric and mould making stuff just let me know and we will sort it out,
keep it moving.
kaz x

26 Mar 2009 - 23:4912171
I sooo live in the wrong city! ..no wait.. wrong country even! *lol*

30 Mar 2009 - 11:5712224
Where in Bristol is the workshop? I know there's the sewing project thing up north so it'd be great so have something like that down here. (Plus my poor bathroom really is suffering from constant dyeing.) XD

30 Mar 2009 - 13:0312229
You should post your costumes up on your profile!

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