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18 Nov 2013 - 19:58109173
Skin coloured fabric?
Hi, there's a few cosplays I want to do that actually have a bit of skin on show, but I'm incredibly self conscious and I have some scarring across a couple of parts of my body. I don't want to alter the cosplays so I was wondering what the best method of creating skin coloured panels or bodysuits was that still looked like skin and weren't covered in seams. Thanks.

19 Nov 2013 - 19:50109185
Out of interest, is there no way you'd be able to cover the scarring with make-up?

Knowing what characters you want to do and which areas of the body you may especially want help with may be useful, but for starters here's a website about making catsuits which might be of some help: http://www.stretchy.org/

Or this bodysuit looks okay: http://starsfancydress.co.uk/product.php?id_product=13765

If you need to detail any part of a bodysuit, this tutorial has been making the rounds lately: http://cosplayhelpandtips.tumblr.com/post/65183866556/rogueshenanigans-queasykinesis-excuse-me

21 Nov 2013 - 23:43109230
Hi there,

This is an easy one as dance costumes regularly use flesh coloured panels to allow sexy dresses that stay on when performing complex moves. The most used fabric for this is called Power Net, it's kinda see-through but not really (it's difficult to describe) but because it's matt & slightly meshy it blends well with real flesh without looking too flat. If you want more cover go for a flesh coloured lycra or spandex or even a cotton jersey & dye it yourself - lots of options. I'm not sure where you live but the big fabric areas of London all stock all of the above or the cheapest, quickest & best customer service I've found on the internet is http://www.fabricland.co.uk

Hope that gives you something to think about.

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