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18 Nov 2013 - 05:29109165
Mask Help Needed
Hi all,

I am in need of some advice, I am currently putting together a cosplay of one of my favourite DC villains, Black Mask, I have the clothes and weapons sorted but I am having trouble with his mask:

I can find latex ones everywhere but they are to flimsy and I am having trouble finding resin ones, my plan is to take an airsoft mask I have used in past tournaments

and create a back for it as my mask only covers the face not the hair, any suggestions about how best to back this mask or where I could find a complete skull, colours don't really matter as I have done a lot of painting/respraying in the past



Here is my resolve,
This time, I will cut you,
If I'm dodging, I won't let you cut me
If I'm protecting someone, I won't let her die
If I'm attacking, I will cut you
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