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26 Mar 2009 - 18:3112151
I was wondering what the general consensus was on weapons at conventions. I was thinking of making some overly large blunted Mage Mashers or The Ogre for my Zidane Tribal Amano/Dissidia Cosplay, using LARP weapon techniques (Foam, Latex, etc etc). But I wanted to make them so I could take them to Cons with me? I don't exactly get a lot of the rules about Weaponry, having only played as Passive Characters before now. (L Lawliet XD). I've seen wicked Seras Victoria's with huge sniper rifles and things and they all look amazing and Clouds with Buster swords the size of me, I was just wondering what to take into consideration when making my master pieces.

Thank yews all beautiful C-Island Community!


26 Mar 2009 - 18:5312152
I think the expo weapon rules seem to sum up most conventions. The main points are:

 Weapons and props (excluding guns, see below) that are made of lightweight material such as Plastic, Foam or Balsa wood are allowed up to a length of 1.5m as long as they have been made as safe as possible with any edges should be rounded off, ends padded, and no dangerous parts attached eg nails.

 Weapons and props greater than 1.5m may be used in the masquerade only.

 Wooden and otherwise solid but legal replica weapons are allowed but must be sheathed and ‘peace bonded’ (unable to be drawn) from their scabbard/costume. Any such weapon that Expo Staff see drawn is subject to confiscation on sight.

 Plastic toy guns fitted with a coloured ‘Blaze’ tip and unrealistic weapons such as Light guns or sci-fi replica guns are allowed.

 Caps, incendiaries or any sort of projectile are not allowed, magazines and batteries for weapons should be left at home or handed into the Cosplay desk.

 Realistic replica handguns such as plastic pistols and BB guns are allowed as long as the magazine is shown as empty and battery shown to not be in the gun, but they should still be kept holstered. They may be drawn for photographs, but ensure that you have a clear space around you and do not draw it suddenly or in front of people such as small children who may be excitable or easily scared.

 Larger replica guns such as Rifles or SMG’s are allowed only in the masquerade and are NOT permitted as part of a floor costume.

 Metal replica guns such as .22 airguns or deactivated guns are not allowed under any circumstances.

But of course it is all up to the con itself. I find expo are more lenient with having weapons, while small cons like minami won't let you have pretty much anything except in the masqurade.


26 Mar 2009 - 19:1712153
Bear in mind that not all cons have the same regulations. Case in point - Minamicon wouldn't let me have my big plastic cleaver on the con floor when I was in my Rena costume, but Expo didn't care. I'd advise you to check the individual regulations of each con before you go (if you can).

Edit: Oops, silly me, that's basically the same as what Tab said. Sorry!

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26 Mar 2009 - 20:4612160
To be honest, expo doesn't seem to care about any weapons that aren't OBVIOUSLY dangerous. My first expo with a weapon, I went straight to the cosplay desk and asked them if it was okay, as it said you must on the website, and they seemed SURPRISED I'd even asked. Other cons, they do have people checking so you do need to book your weapon in and get a pass.

27 Mar 2009 - 09:4112178
Cheers guys, I never really had looked at the London Expo terms as I'm a bit of a pauper and have not enough money to attend. :3 maybe next year though! And again thanks Tab and everyone who replied. I'm sure I won't be making my weapons too much longer than the stated seeing as I probably wouldn't be able to carry them. :3 haha.

27 Mar 2009 - 13:4612180
Hi I was reading and wondering whilst we have a few experts in the forum, what would be the regulation on Vash the stampedes Mateba and Alucards Jackel and Joshua hanguns?

Jackel and Joshua


And any ideas on the regulations on Nerf guns? I am speaking specifically of the Maverick rev-6 N-strike series it will be painted however?


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