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11 Nov 2013 - 19:43109028
Hey there!
Hello all!

I'm HushimoHD. A new person that has stepped through the gates and into the world of Cosplay. Now I must admit that I've never actually dressed up (as of yet), but I am very much interested in doing so.

My main one that I'm aiming for at the moment is Haku from my much loved Studio Ghibli Film, Spirited Away (I think I've kind of got the hair style for it already. All it needs is a little work and some hair dye! Hehe.), but I'm also heavily into Zelda and wouldn't mind trying that out too!

Based in Cornwall, I'd love to know if there is anyone in the area that's also into cosplay (I'm sure there is) and would love to meet up for some tips in getting into it properly. But on the whole, I'm very much looking forward to networking and receiving tips from the global community as well as making friends.

I hope to see you around! Namaste.


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