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08 Nov 2013 - 20:48108962
WTS Neo Magazines [2008-2012]
Heya guys, I have a large stack of old Neo magazines that I am looking to sell, they are taking up too much room and I am most likely not going to have much use for them any more.

I guess I would say maybe £2 each? Bare in mind that are around £5 to buy new. Also I will give discounts if you buy in bulk.

Not too sure on the postage prices, but it should not be too much.

Paypal or Ebay Only.

Take a look through and if you see any you like, leave a comment.



Issue 050: October [Starship Operators Feature]
Issue 051: November [xxxHolic Feature]
Issue 052: December [Naruto Feature]


Issue 053: January x2 [Neo Awards?]
Issue 054: Febuary x2 [Gurren Lagann Cover Various Features]
Issue 056: April [Ouran HSHC Feature]
Issue 057: May [Aphro Samurai: Resurrection Feature]
Issue 058: May (They released 2 that month) [Negima!? Feature]
Issue 059: June x2 [Gurren Lagan Feature]
Issue 061: August [Darker Than Black Feature]
Issue 062: September [Ghost in the shell: Reboot Feature]
Issue 063: October [FMA: Brotherhood Feature]
Issue 064: November [Tekken 6 Feature]
Issue 065: November (2 released this month) [Aquarion Feature]
Issue 066: December [Sword of the Stranger Feature]


Issue 069: March [Ponyo Feature]
Issue 070: April [Dead or Alive: Paradise Feature] x2
Issue 071: May [Evangelion 1.11 Feature]
Issue 072: June [Soul Eater Naruto Feature] x2
Issue 073: July [GundamUC Feature] x2
Issue 074: August [Bleach Feature]
Issue 075: September [FMA: Brotherhood Feature]
Issue 076: October [Vampire Knight + Professor Layton: ED Feature]
Issue 078: December [Bamboo Blade + Eden of the East Feature]


Issue 081: February [Hetalia Feature]
Issue 083: May [Eureka Seven cover Casshern Sins Feature] Posters intact.
Issue 088: October [K-ON! Feature] Posters intact.
Issue 091: December [Black Butler + Kings of Fighters XIII Feature] Posters intact.


Issue 092: January [Samurai Girls Feature] Posters intact.

Other: (Discounted)

Issue 055: March 2009 [ Slayers Feature]
!!Small image cut out on inside contents page. Rest of magazine is fine.

Issue 077: November 2010 [Fist of the North Star Feature]
Writing on a picture of one of the pages at the back. All rest is fine.

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