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08 Nov 2013 - 13:30108954
Vladimir coat help
Hey there, going as a gender bend Vlad for London MCM May 2014, but I'm not sure what material to make the coat from :<

I need it to be able to keep a decent shape, am pretty good with wire work, so thinking wire in between the lining and such to keep the collar up, maybe even some mesh possibly.

References: 3D Model

Would some kind of velvety material be a good place to start?

08 Nov 2013 - 14:02108955
Velvet would be in keeping with this sort of costume, I reckon Red velvet is quite a popular colour for velvet so you may be able to find some bargains, especially if you look for cotton velvet or even velour. I'd suggest avoiding velveteen, because in my experience the glue used to keep the flocking on the fabric can gum up sewing machine needles and make them sticky!

Wire is one possibility for the standing collar, but it does tend to bend out of shape quite easily (though it also bends back without too much trouble). In the past I've used, and seen others use, funky foam, card and thermoplastics like Worbla or Wonderflex. Foam tends to be a bit floppy, card or mountboard works well but can't really be washed or allowed to get wet, thermoplastics hold very well but are a bit pricey to use as glorified interfacing... they all have ups and downs. The best thing I've used was iron-on canvas, but I've no idea how easy that is to get outside of the one shop in Shepherd's Bush where I bought it... Plain interfacing will never have the strength for a collar that high.

Good luck with the costume, hope I get to see it!

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