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07 Nov 2013 - 16:06108939
Natsu Dragneel Cosplay for sale!

I have a new Natsu Dragneel (1st outfit) cosplay for sale; it also includes the wig.

The cosplay is a wrap/skirt, pants, waistcoat and scarf.

It will fit a female 10-12, and equivalent male size (unisex outfit).

The skirt/wrap has been altered slightly; the makers did the wrong design, so I've resewn it and now it looks fine (and true to the character).

I'm looking for around £40 including the wig and postage, but I am open to reasonable offers.

I will be at DokiDoki this saturday (9th november), so if you wish to collect it the whole lote will only be £35.

Brand new, but I've decided I want to cosplay Erza instead XD

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