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07 Nov 2013 - 12:57108935
ll Everything Roxas Sale ll Kingdom Hearts Cosplay ll
I'm selling all of my Roxas stuff!
And I mean everything. Wig, Twilight Town, Organization coat and my precious Oblivion and Oathkeeper keyblades!
I have an emotional attachment to it all BUT I don't see myself wearing any of it again and I'm low on dolla so I figure I should just get a grip and sell it (':

(Offer at the bottom if you buy everything)


*Twilight Town COSPLAY - £35 ONO
ll Shirt, Jacket, Trousers (Size 10-12), Shoes (size 7, I wore them as a size 5 - Roxas has big feet anyway.)
*Organization XIII COAT - £55 ONO

ll Coat (fully lined, breathable but warm 'sports cotton' material, functioning hud, includes chains and beads), gloves.
*Roxas/ Ventus WIG - £40

ll Made to commission like the picture, golden blonde shade. 1 month production time due to waiting on the base wig.

**Everything all together would be £190 but if you buy everything I'll knock off the price of a wig and do it all for £150 excluding P&P.
Postage varies for each sale. Please just ask!
I accept PayPal.
Thanks for looking! <3 x

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