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06 Nov 2013 - 04:23108914
Pokemon Group MCM Birmingham Sat Nov 23rd

FierceAndRed and I are big Pokemon fans and we figured there's gotta be a lot of pokemon lovers out there in this community and just wondered if anybody would be interested in forming a Pokemon group for photos and general hanging out at MCM Birmingham Sat Nov 23rd?

I will be Misty in her costume from Pokemon The Movie 2000: The Power of One - Basically classic costume Misty with a pink hoody and will be with the epic FierceAndRed as the lovely Dawn. ^_^

It'd be great if we could get a big group together and get a real mix of characters going from all generations from series 1/red and blue all the way up to the modern greatness that is X and Y. I'm talking trainers, gym leaders, professors, bad guys, pokemon gijinka etc etc. Basically, if it's Pokemon related get in this group ahahaha! ^_^

So what does everyone think?

I will only be there on Saturday 23rd Nov - I'm travelling up and back on the same day and don't know the venue at all so will go with the flow and follow everyone else. Everything will need to be done by 5pm though please as I have to catch my train back.

If there is already a group please let me know and would it be cool if we joined you?

I don't use facebook but have twitter, feel free to follow me there my username is Welsh_Harls88 or PM me.

Thanks all and I look forwards to your thoughts on this one,

Sash x

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21 Nov 2013 - 21:46109227
No takers?

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