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04 Nov 2013 - 00:04108854
FULL Angel Anarchy Stocking Cosplay from Panty and Stocking with Gaterbelt for sale (UK Only)
Comes with:-

Dress || Corset || Wig
|| Wig (2) || Stockings || Gloves || Choker || Shoes || Shoes (2) || Wings || Wings (2)

It's only been worn outside once, to London MCM Expo October 2013. Everything has been washed since then. The wig has been brushed and though it isn't 100% tangle free, but it's in very, very good condition.

The dress is made of a silky material (I'm not sure what, sorry). The gloves and stockings are Lycra. The wig is Kankelon.

This was commissed for me by a person on Taobao, and though I can't remember the exact measurements, it WILL fit a UK size 12-14. The shoes are a UK size 6.
This cosplay cost me a total of £100, and I don't know how much I want it to go for so am open to sensible offers. I need this gone desperately to fund new cosplays and to get Christmas presents for my family. No matter what the price, the postage will be £5.

I really want this gone, so please take this off of my hands! I've only had timewasters so I won't hold the item for anyone, first come first served. It will be sent as soon as I recieve payment by Royal Mail, first class. I will send you a proof of postage picture if you wish. Will accept bank transfer or Paypal, though Paypal is preferred. No returns or refunds, sorry.

Sie sind das Essen und wir sind die spicy ravioli
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