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03 Nov 2013 - 14:44108835
FOR SALE: wigs/shoes/faux fur fabric
All prices include P&P. Payment by papypal only please.

Green wig in ponytail.
Styled for a dragon kid wig but could take it out of the ponytail. previous owner styled this wig but only tried it on, I only ever tried it on too.

Punky blonde/brown mixed wig.
This wig is old and needs a lot of TLC. I used it to cosplay Jareth and because of this it has a lot of glitter on top. Could be in better condition if washed or could be cut up to use for wefts?


Long blonde wig. Has been worn twice, might have a few tangles that will need brushing out.

White short wig.
Never been worn as it was completely the wrong style for the character it was to be used for.
As new so asking for £12


Size 6 shoes. Only worn inside house to try on but didn't fit. £12.

Brown faux more fabric. I have a lot of this. I have rougly 1 metre of it (see my Lady Loki cosplay in completed costumes for this length)and a few more off cuts in different sizes. For the 1m size, it will be £8. For other sizes would be less but PM if you are interested.

Thanks for looking

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