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02 Nov 2013 - 23:28108812
Well needed wig advice!
Hello! I'm new here, so hello!
Finally there's an MCM Expo coming to a city near me, and I want my costume to be big. I'm thinking of going as Moira (the ever-lovable maid) from American Horror Story, the sexy one. Either way, I'm not dying my hair red/orange, and a wig is my first port of call.
I've taken a look at the official AHS Moira wig (and some reviews), and it doesn't seem great. So I'm searching for a red/orange wig.

I don't mind buying one and styling it, I'm not great at cutting so it's nothing I want to do unless I have to.

Reference Image Here!

Also, if I have to buy a straight wig, can anyone show me/ send me a link to a good wig curling tutorial? I won't go near them with curling tongs!

Thanks for all the help in advance!

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