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02 Nov 2013 - 15:24108792
Cat cafe 2014
Hi everyone,

I know this is obviously a cosplay orientated forum, so I hope it's okay to post this here... *fingers crossed*

Dear everyone, a few months ago my partner and I decided that we wanted to take the step to become entrepreneurs and start our own business. We've been busy with it on and off behind the scenes and now that things are coming together slowly, we'd like to share with you our fb page: Mitten's Cat Café (http://https://www.facebook.com/mittenscatcafe please like to receive updates ). We're hoping to open our unique cafe in St Albans next year, and yes we'll have cats in our cafe to oogle and play with. For more info, please take a peek at our page and show your support!

There's not a lot on there yet, but hopefully we'll start posting updates and cat trivia soon.

Ps. Of course our main concern when starting this cafe will be the welfare of the cats. It'll be our number one priority and we'll make sure we've got happy cats day in and out!

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02 Nov 2013 - 15:32108794
Your link is broken, there's a colon missing.

Sounds cool. Was it you that did the kickstarter for the London one? Or is this just a similar idea?

02 Nov 2013 - 16:17108800
Woops! I hope i've fixed it now...

No, they're much further ahead then us I'm afraid! they raised so much with their kickstarter though, I'm a bit jealous

Our idea is slightly similar but we have some different ideas interior wise when it comes to where/how the cats will be interacting with the guestst. We're also going to be based in Hertfordshire, (St. Albans hopefully).

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