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01 Nov 2013 - 02:18108736
Photographer in Lincolnshire/East Midlands!
Hey guys
I've been photographing fashion and portraits for around 4 years but for a while have been wanting to expand into cosplay photography. Being able to showcase someones craftsmanship or creating a believable character and story are the reasons that I started doing photography so would love to collaborate with some local cosplayers.

I'm based in Lincolnshire, but I'm able to travel if travel is paid for or if you have a truly awesomesauce costume!

I have a facebook page with my other half under Bellitudo Photography, and have also started to post some of my work on deviantart while we are working on our website.

Hope to hear from some of you soon


30 Dec 2013 - 14:08109916
Hey there, I've got a facebook group for those interested in cosplay to any extent who live in/near Lincolnshire. I'm really hoping to unite those who are so feel free to join and you may find more opportunities for your photography


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