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31 Oct 2013 - 22:24108721
Getting to/from a Con in Cosplay
Just wondering if some more experienced cosplayers have any advice or experience to share.

Do you normally change at the venue you are cosplaying at, or do you risk public transport, costume and all?

I wore a coat over my cosplay last weekend, but I had a bloody face/hands so I got some funny looks. I wondered how people manage with more extreme make up or props?

31 Oct 2013 - 22:35108722
I went on the tube in full armor with sword sticking out of my bag and I had no troubles even when armed police in kings cross passed me on the way to MCM.

31 Oct 2013 - 23:03108725
For most the events I've been to, I was at a hotel on or very close to the site, so I would walk straight to the site, along with many other cosplayers.

I have been to one which was 2 hours by train for just the day, and decided to get changed there, as I didn't want to crease up the costume. Sadly, there was a stupidly long wait to get in, so I wished I got changed at the train station, so I could at least be in costume in the queue like most others.

31 Oct 2013 - 23:12108726
I normally have to travel 3+ hours to events. Arriving in a sweaty costume is unpleasant. I normally change there

01 Nov 2013 - 00:20108731
If someone is driving, I travel in as much of my cosplay as I am comfortable in and then sort out the rest when I get there. This is probably because I tend to pick comfortable cosplays!
If my train journey is more than an hour on one train, I'll get changed at the event. I tend to travel in cosplay to expo because the journey is broken up and I'm not on one train for that long so I don't get all train-y and gross. It's also easier than lugging a bag and trying to change in a toilet cubicle!
I got the bus once in cosplay, never again. On trains no one seems to care that much but on buses, everyone stares and it's very uncomfortable.

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01 Nov 2013 - 00:39108733
If I am travelling with friends for a 1 day event I normally just pop on what is comfortable and put on what I can on the train like accessories. Saves room space in my bags as I dont like carrying more than I need. I am perfectly fine wearing full cosplay on the tram near home.

When I plan to cosplay at a precon I tend to just go down as normal and change when I arrive since the best place to get changed that isnt my own bedroom is without a doubt a hotel room

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01 Nov 2013 - 06:32108741
I have an hours drive to bus station, 1 and 1/2 on bus then once in london a mile walk to event, then return jsut the same. I am the guy who dresses as wonder woman for charity. And between the pencil skirt and red corset I get a few looks, and have stopped traffic a few times. Any body who asks I explain why. If it helps go in a group or pair. The closer you get to the event the more people you will see i costume.

02 Nov 2013 - 12:35108783
I've gone to an event on the train in full cosplay before! Luckily, the area it was in was only a half an hour journey and very accepting of anything 'out of the ordinary'. However, next weekend I will be in cosplay on the train to Manchester and a couple of weekends after that to Birmingham so that might be... interesting!

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02 Nov 2013 - 13:51108788
To be blunt - lol nope!

I only ever do full weekend events though, and always stay onsite these days, but it just isn't worth the potential grief imo.

02 Nov 2013 - 16:07108790
I went on the tube and the train in my cosplay but I cosplay U.N.I.T so it is just black combat jacket and trousers but I re-enact and I usually get lifts and go to the supermarket in uniform and generally I find that people just don't care what your wearing.

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