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25 Oct 2007 - 22:57601
Uploading more photos!!
Okay, this could be a case of me missing something that's really blindingly obvious, but I need some help please!! XD

I can't for the life of me figure out how to add more photos to a costume once I'm past the initial 'add costume' screen. I added my Yuffie costume after Amecon but I now want to go and add some photos from Expo. I can't find an 'upload more photos' button anywhere though, and the feature seems to be missing from the 'edit costume' screen!!

Seriously, I spent about half an hour trying to figure this out last night before giving up and doing my competition entry instead. :/ That could have just been because I felt reeeaaallly tired and braindead though ...

25 Oct 2007 - 23:02602
We've got a limit of 6 photos per costume at the moment. I believe the idea was that by limiting how many photos people can upload per costume they can focus on quality rather than quantity of images.

It does also help manage bandwidth and space of the site.

So to add more images you need delete some of the existing images.

25 Oct 2007 - 23:15603
Ahhh that makes a lot of sense. Thanks for clearing that up!

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