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24 Oct 2013 - 02:57108464
Wash In/Wash Out Dye and Sweat
I was wondering how much of a risk putting some Superdrug wash in/wash out hair dye would be in terms of having the dye run down my face and all over my costume? I have it sitting on my desk now debating it.

It's for the Halloween run, and will mostly see use in a club environment and I'll be wearing a hat. I don't imagine my hair will get extremely sweaty in terms of sweat beads et al but I'm betting it'll be damp by the end of the night. Rain shouldn't be much of an issue as I've got the hat.

24 Oct 2013 - 12:46108472
i used pink wash in wash out last year, it wont run down your face but will slowly rub off onto hats/pillows. but it comes out easy enough

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