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21 Oct 2013 - 16:47108344
Wanna hang at MCM Expo Oct London this weekend?
Yo yo all,

Am going to London MCM Expo this weekend with my boyfriend and am uber stoked.

I will be going as animated series classic Harley Quinn on the Saturday of London Expo more than likely, maybe Gotham High Harley, ballgown version Harley at some point which MAY be turned into vampire Harley and possibly Kiss the Girl dress Ariel, not sure on what days which costumes will be worn yet.

If you see me please feel free to say hi and hang out! I'll be the Harley in a motorised wheelchair with blonde pigtails or if not in cosplay just look for the chick with rainbow hair, you can't miss me!

Been to a few cons and expos buT never really had a proper chat with anyone or got to hang out before and would really like to do that this time as I don't know anyone who is going other than my boyfriend and am looking to make new friends with common interests.

I'm really friendly and a bit mad but in a good way! In a nut shell I'm a music lover as long as I can rock out and have fun I'm all over it, Batman freak, superhero sympathizer, villain adorer, movie nut, Pokemon fanatic, GoT fan, Musical Theatre appreciator, geek, Welsh, vamp, rocker, cosplayer, Disney buff, aspiring alternative model - though I've yet to do any shoots & wheelchair user.

Oh yeah I LOVE dying my hair all crazy colours and currently have 7 colours in my hair which is the most to date so am not hard to miss haha.

Anyone else staying in the Ibis Budget London airport hotel by the way?

Would be uberly interested and love to be involved in DC/Batman villains shoots so gimme a shout guys!

Will be bringing my 3DS and Pokemon X with me too if anyone wants to fangirl/boy over how epic the new game is and get all nostalgic over how far the pokemon franchise has come.

So yeah looking to hang out, have a blast and make as many friends as possible and hopefully we can meet up at future cons! I'm down if you're down!

I don't use facebook but feel free to follow me on twitter, my twitter name is Welsh_Harls88 or drop me a PM.

See y'all there!


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