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18 Oct 2013 - 19:56108269
What to do about a bad quality commission?
Hi everyone, I need advice.

Recently my brother commissioned a tailcoat for his Wedding!Gaston costume from Beauty and the Beast and, although I have not seen the coat, everyone who has said the quality of the coat is terrible. He paid £54 for it and it has arrived and is not the quality he expected. I won't name the commissioner without seeing the coat myself, but can anyone give me advice on what to do to fix the situation? My brother wants at least some of his money back but if the commissioner refuses we don't know what further steps we can take.

He would like to commission the coat again off someone else if possible, so if anyone is interested here are reference photos;

Thank you in advance!


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18 Oct 2013 - 20:38108272
Did you go through a site/organisation/group? Or is the commissioner registered with one?
Have you considered asking the C.A.B or trading standards for advice on it? There may be policies that you can refer back to while contacting the commissioner??
All I can think of... Sorry this happened to your brother!

19 Oct 2013 - 13:43108284
Does he know the rundown of the costs? Like how much of that was for the materials and how much of that was labour based? (And how much time they spent on it is important, it might indicate why it looks the way it does) It's pretty bad of the commissioner to send something that looks shoddy but at the same time they have put their time in to do it, so the fact that he hasn't demanded all of the money back is good, otherwise someone else would be making the loss. I'd advise trying to compromise getting at least the cost for materials back and in future to ask any commissioners to send him progress shots and updates (explaining why he feels the need to do this) Most should be happy to oblige.

If he paid by paypal and the commission was a quicky, as it sounds rushed, he may be able to get in and put in a dispute.

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