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20 Mar 2009 - 14:0312005
Water-soluble mastix - poisonous?
I'm looking around for ways of safely and easily gluing false teeth to my own teeth, my friend who works in a costume shop showed me this brand of spirit gum? (at least I think it's spirit gum) But she said she didn't know if it was toxic to go in my mouth or whether it would ruin my teeth. I had a look in the ingredients but remain equally puzzled.

I might be asking the dumbest question of the century, but I'm genuinely lost and it'd be nice to have a proper answer before time runs out/I give up and accidentally poison myself! Any info on this stuff would be incredibly helpful~!

20 Mar 2009 - 16:0612009
From what I know spirt gum is a kind of rubber glue. Which means it isn't based on anything edible, so I wouldn't eat it.

Things like pritstick are edible, but anything plastic based I wouldn't attempt to digest.

It would be a little bit more helpful if you said why you were concerned that it would damage your teeth? If you're looking for an adheasive to go in your mouth the only tempory one I know is fixodent, which may be more helpful to you that spirit gum. It's what old people use to keep false teeth in.


(edit: way to read the first line Tab. Oh well, my advice stands)

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20 Mar 2009 - 16:2112010
Ah thanks. I was afraid of that... Pritt Stick did cross my mind because I know some kids eat it and... Well, don't die; I feel this may be my last option, lol.

I had a feeling using something like that would possibly damage the enamel on the front of my teeth when taking things off it, or trying to get the glue residue off itself. I made the falsies myself, so they don't have a kit that moulds over to fit onto my teeth and stay in that way, and I think they're a bit small to be attached that way anyhow.

I tried the denture 'glue' stuff first, and it didn't work at all, just sort of left my mouth feeling slimy and coated my teeth without actually doing any sticking. Thinking it over it kinda makes sense since it's meant to cushion dentures to your gums, not necessarily stick them on... Will have to investigate further.

Thank you for the reply, though!

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20 Mar 2009 - 23:5112022
You're best bet is either fitting pellets http://www.dentaldistortions.com/index.php?cPath=7
or denture adhesive

I've never had much luck with those pellets though, but maybe the ones we got were of a poor quality i dunno

you could also check out the 'tips for fitting' here:

or check out this place which is a great mine of information


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21 Mar 2009 - 02:1212023
Try out this Tooth putty-

I came across this stuff a while ago while I was looking for teeth. Not tried it out though but it seems to be a good solution perhaps? And at that price, it seems like worth a try.

May be better then anything like fixodent anyway XD


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