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31 Oct 2013 - 14:54108710
Hey everybody, SewNovember starts tomorrow! Who else is excited? I have updated the first post with all the links to people's projects that I can find. If you've firmed up what you're doing or have made a CI page for your project then please post here as soon as you can so I can link it into the main post At the moment I have a few people who have vague descriptions of what they're up to and it'd be great to have something a bit more specific (e.g. what plushies are you making?) to make it easier for people to find projects they would like to follow.

Looking forward to making all the things I have planned!

31 Oct 2013 - 15:30108713
I totally forgot to link, but my blog is where I'll be posting daily progress: http://britchickvick.blogspot.co.uk/

Projects I will definitely be taking a crack at are: plush present (can't say what it is because the giftee may see), a pink shoulder bag maybe with Pinkie Pie's cutie mark on it, mini Rarity plush, remaking the shirt for my 1x10 (Moment of Truth) Morgana cosplay, remaking parts of my Belle cosplay, starting my fem!Gwaine cosplay.


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01 Nov 2013 - 21:58108770
Okay, the main post is all up to date! I've already updated my journal with Day 1 Have fun, everyone!

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02 Nov 2013 - 21:07108804
I also have a wordpress blog thing that I've just started. This'll be where I post stuff unrelated to cosplay so I may not document all the time in one place but it'll be spread across CI and wordpress.

The wordpress link *fingers crossed that it works* http://picklesofdoom.wordpress.com/

03 Nov 2013 - 22:48108853
Sadly I wont be able to afford to start a full new costume but I do have an entire box full of scrap fabrics that is driving me mad so I thougt id do some random crafts, particularly the collection of cushions I mentioned in my earlier post and maybe some little bags too Most likely gonna add updates to my ongoing cosplays into the mix.

Made a tumblr page this week so I can post progress Any day I miss for whatever reason Ill try and post some research for my other cosplays ^^


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