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14 Oct 2013 - 21:13108146
Help With New Carrie Blood Soaked Prom Dress
Hi all,

Really want to do a 'scary' cosplay for London MCM Expo, what with Hallowe'en being just around the corner and all.

Am in love with all the pics of seen so far for the new Carrie reboot - The fact I ADORE Chloe Moretz may have a slight part to play in that..

Anyways this promo shot is perfect and defo the costume I want to cosplay.

Check it out:


Now the trouble I have is finding the right style dress but not spending too much on it as I'm going to be smearing it in blood! ahaha

So can anyone recommend a dusky pink corset style dress with straps - they are stained with blood in this pic if you look closely that's not gonna break the bank please as having trouble finding one.

Thinking will get a long golden brown/blond wig for the hair and curl it slightly and pour blood over it.

Any ideas/suggestions on how best to approach the blood, which type would be best and how best to go about recreating this look coz whilst it excites me have no idea where to begin.

Was thinking of maybe putting more blood on my arms face and legs than in this pic but also have to think up a way of doing this without making my wheelchair look like a murder scene and without aking every person I encounter look like a suspect when the inevitable cwtchs occur and there will be many! (Cwtchs = Welsh slang for hugs BTW)

Thanks so much,


15 Oct 2013 - 14:09108171
Have you hit the charity shops? With Chrismtas parties approaching, prom-style dresses will start coming out of the back-rooms and into the shops and window displays.

Try the higher end shops like Oxfam and Barnardos, or those in the more affluent parts of wherever you live.

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