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19 Mar 2009 - 21:3311983
plush and gun???
im not sure if im putting this in the right place and please correct me if i am not.
does anyone know of someone who could make a plush for me? im after a bri plush from the appleseed manga i am also after someone who could make me deunan's gun from the first appleseed movie i am willing to pay for both if they are made well.
i would do it all myself but 1, im lazy lol and 2 me making props dont go well together.

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20 Mar 2009 - 13:1412004
For the gun it'd be worth looking at commissioners listed on cosplay.com in the marketplace.
For the plushie, I might be able to do that if you give me an idea of what you want. Drop me a PM if you're interested. ^^

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