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13 Oct 2013 - 17:59108113
Help with Mavis from Hotel Transylvania Please
Hey guys,

I really love Mavis from Hotel Transylvania and would love to cosplay as her.

I can get the hair, shoes, fangs and make-up sorted but really could do with a hand with finding something that could work for her black turtle neck short sleeve dress and black with red stripe tights.

Can anyone recommend anywhere where I could find something that could work for these please?

Be helpful if they are UK based as ideally want this for London expo on Oct 25th.

Thanks so much,


13 Oct 2013 - 18:32108114
Try eBay for your tights. You can get most coloured striped tights on there for less than £5 so hope that helps.

14 Oct 2013 - 10:12108133
Apart from checking your local High Street shops, I'm not sure what to suggest for the dress.

I did a quick search and all the black turtleneck dresses I found were sleeveless or long sleeved.

I suppose you could shorten the sleeves?

This is the Google Shopping search I did

14 Oct 2013 - 20:00108145
Thanks for the suggestions guys.

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