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01 Mar 2014 - 20:20111658
I think you could make a cool allen walker from d.gray-man or kira from uta no prince-sama

01 Mar 2014 - 20:53111659
I think you'd make an amazing Anna from Frozen! Or maybe Poison Ivy from the Batman series

03 Mar 2014 - 13:27111713
I think you'd look fantastic as Ymir from Shingeki no Kyojin! And Lust from FMA :'D

03 Mar 2014 - 14:54111715
Wingedwolf - I see you like characters with short darker hair

Have you considered Simon the Digger from Gurren Lagaan, Kyoya from Ouran High School Host Club, or Black Jack (from Black Jack, duh! ). I think they might suit you.


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03 Mar 2014 - 17:58111717
Your Japanese schoolgirl outfit looks awesome so maybe Touko Fukawa from Danganronpa would look good! Also Matt from Death Note because goggles are awesome and I think you'd suit it!

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03 Mar 2014 - 19:43111718
Hmm I would say Undertaker from Kuroshitsuji (I see you like the anime a lot and he is awesome)

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03 Mar 2014 - 21:56111721
I think you would make a fantastic X-23 from Marvel, or Ren from Elemental Gelade- based on what I've seen of your cosplays and the sort of characters you choose! :]

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03 Mar 2014 - 22:33111722
Looking at the cosplays you already do, I think you could be Jaime Lannister from game of thrones

04 Mar 2014 - 00:03111724
I think since you've done different cosplays like Poison Ivy, I think you could do some marvel characters such as Black Cat or even Harley Quinn from DC.

04 Mar 2014 - 17:56111738

04 Mar 2014 - 18:36111744
Sebastian from Black Butler would look awesome on you!

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05 Mar 2014 - 04:25111758
AAAH I was gonna suggest Kristoff for you but I noticed you're doing him already xD

I think you'd make a really good Ned Stark

05 Mar 2014 - 08:31111760
I think that you may suit Alois Trancy or Hannah Anafeloz from Kuroshitsuji, Misa from Death Note, Yui Komori from Diabolik Lovers, Alice from Pandora Hearts or Chihiro Fujisaki from Danganronpa I love your Hani cosplay by the way!!

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05 Mar 2014 - 16:23111772
The fangs and contacts for your Reiji cosplay make me think that you could pull of an amazing Pluto from kuro You'd suit him really well

05 Mar 2014 - 16:43111773
From what i saw you could easily cosplay Mangeta from the rocky horror picture show i think she would suit you well

05 Mar 2014 - 22:50111785
Judging from your interests and the sort of costumes you've done, I'd say you'd be a great Juggernaught from X-Men or Jayne Cobb from Firefly!

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06 Mar 2014 - 01:52111795
Eomer!!!!! you'd make such a perfect Eomer

07 Mar 2014 - 21:21111860
I reckon you'd make a really great Arya Stark from Game of Thrones!

07 Mar 2014 - 22:01111863
I think the Black Cat from Spiderman would be good for you! Or Lady Christina De Souza from Doctor Who!

08 Mar 2014 - 00:33111865
You make such a cute Pokemon!! You should do more of them. I think you'd suit cute characters like mew ^^ also how about Pokemon trainers?

I see you suit characters like the doctor and are good at face painting, how about something like Sherlock Hound?

08 Mar 2014 - 00:42111866
You seem to love Studio Ghibli
How about someone like Sheeta from Laputa? Or if not a main character maybe Lin from Spirited Away or maybe even someone like Lady Eboshi from Princess Mononoke?

08 Mar 2014 - 02:05111868
I think you'd make an awesome Belle from Beauty and the Beast or Serena from Pokemon X and Y.

08 Mar 2014 - 05:24111869
Seeing as you enjoyed him so much the last time, why not give Hope Estheim's XIII-2 outfit a try?

08 Mar 2014 - 06:22111870
Chris Redfield (resident evil)

08 Mar 2014 - 15:26111874
^Ryo Hazuki for you.
I could use a few suggestions as my latest plan hit the rocks.
I mostly cosplay from video games.

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