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07 Oct 2013 - 18:44107965
BN BlackStar Cosplay (inc shoes/wig) Selling ASAP! [Soul Eater]
Hello! So, I have a brand new and fantastic complete BlackStar cosplay set for sale; this includes the outfit, wig, and shoes. I don't mind selling separately, but if you bought it all together I could do a deal for £55 including Tracked Courier Delivery? That's basically the shoes and wig for free (and the shoes weren't cheap!).

Selling as I won't be cosplaying this character as I already am known for cosplaying my current character, and I could do with raising some funds so I can get to a con or two next year.

I am open to offers!

A bit more detail!
Outfit: So, the costume was a custom order, but not to my body size. The size is a standard, and would fit Female 8/10/12 or the Male equivalent (as it is a Unisex outfit) due to the elasticated trousers, and the design of the top. http://mewmewtoyou.deviantart.com/art/BlackStar-outfit-405790098

Shoes: The shoes I really love, but as I don't see myself cosplaying this character, there's no point in holding onto them! I custom ordered this design, so that they actually do look just like his shoes in the anime. Would fit UK Female 5/6, and the equivalent Male sizes. Due to the nature of the shoe, being smaller than this wouldn't mean you couldn't wear them, they'd likely fit as your foot wouldn't slide in these. http://mewmewtoyou.deviantart.com/art/BlackStar-shoes-405790239

Wig: A nice, soft, high quality light blue Kanekalon wig. Can be styled with hair products and tools. http://mewmewtoyou.deviantart.com/art/BlackStar-Wig-405789199

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