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03 Oct 2013 - 09:17107850
Bristol geek meet
Hey guys,

Okay, last time I mentioned this I said south-west meets, which is a bit vague. So, made a thread for this which states it's a Bristol geek meet. Bit more specific now

A (currently tiny) social group has been formed in Bristol! It's called GeekOut South-West and it is to celebrate all things geeky. If you have a moment, please head to the blog. The social group is meant to be for everyone, so open to the public, too. Meeting in the King William pub on 1st November, it would be awesome to see more Bristol/surrounding-area based cosplayers there.

We also have a Twitter account (@GeekOutSW) and a Facebook page (GeekOut South-West, though this needs a lot of work ). The more people interested, the better it can be progressed and I would be interested in all comments/ideas!

Okay, I may bump this closer to the social groups first meeting. If you are interested in attending a geekfest, let me know on this thread would be amazing to meet some of you!


Hey! Listen!
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