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02 Oct 2013 - 23:29107845
Seeking a photographer within London!
Hi there!

I'm yet another London based cosplayer reaching out for a photographer to do two shoots with, modelling two of my costumes. They're viewable on my profile (Wonder Red and Dio Brando) and the aim is just to get some more great looking photos of them really illustrating the character's personalities and what they're all about.

I'm very interested in location so would like to work with you on finding just the right ones. Timing wise, I'd really need to see when the best times are with you as I'm likely to be quite busy in the weeks leading up to MCM. Saying that though, I'm eager to get these done ASAP!

If anyone is per chance interested, feel free to message me with a link to some of your previous work. I'd love to see it! Alternatively you can email me directly on !

03 Oct 2013 - 07:47107848
Email sent

Im a Dr Who geek, a Photographer and a father of three girls.... no time left for a normal boring life
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