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30 Sep 2013 - 18:16107773
Anyone need a model? Make-up, Hair, Fashion & of course COSPLAY!
Hey guys,

OK this is a bit of a random one but bear with me here please aha!

My most recent job contract just ended and today is my first day of unemployment and it made me realise, I really want to try being an alternative model.

It just really excites me whenever I think about it and it'd be a dream to try all different make-up and hair styles and work cosplay into it.

Am happy to try anything other than nudity coz well I don't roll that way. I love vibrant colours but also dark gothic clothing.

I love the alternative scene and there's not many colours out there my hair hasn't been!

Nothing too heavy coz just want to try this out right now and then see if I like it enough to think a little more seriously about perhaps working it into a profession.

Hopefully we can help eachother out though coz what I really need are some shoots and pics under my belt and the more diverse the better.

So if you are a make-up artist, a beauty or fashion student or a budding photograph needing a model to build your portfolio or maybe to help you pass a course or maybe it's just something you have also wanted to try, I'm your willing victim!

The South Wales area is best for me and would need wheelchair access but it's all good.

Thanks all,


09 Oct 2013 - 09:56108007
Hi Sash,

I'm sure I'm probably telling you stuff you already know but have you tried Bizarre Magazine & their Vixen's website stuff. I'm not sure how it works but there seems to be a lot of people on there. They also launch their "search for a cover star" competition every so often. There may even be others on that forum that could help you further.

Good luck & I hope it works out for you.


14 Oct 2013 - 11:20108134
A good place to start out, though it's not professional precisely, and build up a modelling portfolio is Model Mayhem where you can connect to local MUA's, designers, stylists & Togs: http://www.modelmayhem.com/

Another good site for you to check out is Angel Sinclair's Models of Diversity: http://www.modelsofdiversity.org/

I only really have useful agency links for Scotland, but you can find them fairly easily. The one Alt Agency I've heard of is Dark Arts: http://www.darkarts.org.uk/

As Hydraxia suggested, Bizarre Mag are a good one to look into. There's also Gothic Beauty Mag: http://www.gothicbeauty.com/

There's lots of contests like this if you have a wee google about (I know there's a specific zombie one, but can't remember what it's called): http://alternativemodelling.co.uk/

Hope that helps Sasha!

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