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29 Sep 2013 - 14:44107712
Cosplay in Nottingham/Derby
Hi guys,

Does anyone like cosplay in the locale? I'm struggling to find fans who like it as much as I do so would love to hear from anyone!

Love! x

In the darkness is where the light shines brightest.
29 Sep 2013 - 16:59107720
I used to attend cosplay meets in Derby a lot! A lot of the time, when we were there, we'd run into OTHER cosplay groups. Cosplay seems super super common in Derby, that's why I loved doing it there. Most people just acted as if it was totally normal there too. It's definitely my favourite place to cosplay outside of conventions, too bad I don't attend any meet-ups anymore

29 Sep 2013 - 17:16107722
I'm from just outside of Notts
I know there are cosplay meet ups in both Nottingham and Derby.

29 Sep 2013 - 17:58107724
Can you point me in the right direction? As I say, I'm struggling to find any groups!

In the darkness is where the light shines brightest.
29 Sep 2013 - 18:46107725
I'm not sure who runs the Notts meets anymore tbh but you might be able to try users BakaBakaRangers on here as I know she goes to quite a few of them!

29 Sep 2013 - 18:52107726
I live near Burton On Trent which is like... 20 mins from Derby I've never attended any local meets around here though myself

04 Oct 2013 - 15:33107886
Hey there!
I'll fill you in with a little info.

There used to be meets which started a while ago based in Nottingham. They started off small, got bigger, the groups split. It then became the Derby meets and Notts meets.

I can't comment on the Derby meets much, I attended one and since I'm 23, I didn't want to feel like an obnoxious git and rain on everyone's parade but I'd past the stage of running around in the city centre in kitty ears. ^^;

I don't want to put you off from going in the slightest though! They are a lot of fun! I'd just like to tell you how it is. There are a lot of amazing people that go there and a wide variety of age groups. Just be aware that at these meets, everyone has a different experience.

If you're wanting to meet up with local cosplayers/make contacts message me. :3 I'll point you in the right direction if you're new to things. Good luck!

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