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29 Sep 2013 - 14:43107711
MvM soldier help
So, my current plan is to cosplay as the robot soldier from TF2.

I'm using Pepakura to create most of the cosplay (Torso, Helmet, hands, ect) but I cannot for the life of me, come up with how to do the arms or legs.

Any ideas anyone?


Can ya guess the theme yet?
30 Sep 2013 - 01:25107742
You can use Pepakura for the arms and legs as well. Will you just be making it out of card or transferring it to foam? I think for the legs and arms it will be better to make them out of foam or worbla Though it really depends on your budget. And there is nothing wrong with paper machie - can end up very very strong indeed

Make the upper and lower arms separate (same for the legs) and join them together with split pins to prevent it ripping every time you try to walk

You can wear tight fitting black leggings for the part of the leg between the foot and the knee. And build the foot design onto a pair of cheap slip on vans style shoe

Good luck

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