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29 Sep 2013 - 11:35107704
BlazBlue Cosplay group meet for Sat of London MCM Expo Oct 2013
Hiya BlazBlue cosplayers ^_^

My friends and I are cosplaying characters across the BlazBlue games and was hoping to gather a large group together for a photoshoot on the Saturday of London Oct Expo so far we have:-

Kokonoe- Rainbow_Panda
Litchi Faye Ling- Tray
Ragna the Bloodedge- Scott

So only a small group atm but if you're interested please comment and I'll update and get back to you on the photoshoot times and place.

Many thanks for reading and hope to see you there xx

02 Oct 2013 - 16:44107840
Hello there,

I'm doing Noel from Chrono Phantasma on the weekend of Expo, however we are doing Metal Gear Solid on the Saturday, so will be doing Blazblue on the Sunday.

My little group consists of

Jin Kisaragi: Cyanidecustard
YĆ«ki Terumi aka Hazama: Petchymon

All from the new Chrono Phantasma arcade game of Blazblue.

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