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28 Sep 2013 - 13:20107678
cosplay prop help?!
Oh hey! I'm a newbie in the prop making business... I just wanted to know... HOW DO I MAKE COSPLAY PROPS STURDY?!
I'm using 3MM thick cardboard (I'm too poor to buy MDF panels ;- and it's not the strongest cardboard.
The props going to be 30" long and about 5-6" wide.
My cardboard is 16" (to be exact) wide, and 30" length.
Should I make 3 layers of the prop and glue them together? Or loot out some more cardboard from my local shop?

I'm completely confused!
(I am going to be paper mâché'ing the prop after.

If you have ANY ideas, please help!

28 Sep 2013 - 13:28107679
Internal struts and supports will help items keep their shape, and sheets of card can be made tougher by using two (or more) layers glued together.

If the prop is larger than a single sheet, then stagger the sheets each layer (like you you offste bricks when building a wall). It will make the joins more secure.


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28 Sep 2013 - 17:03107685
If you are using corrugated card, see which way the fluting or channels run in the first piece and make shore that they're running in the opposite direction in the next piece you glue on this will add strength. Also you might want to add sum thing like a bit of pipe or a garden Caine to the inside to act as a core, this will make the hole thing far more ridged.
You will fined that once the mâché goes off it will also add strength, but try to make the mâché not carry to much wet as this will get sucked up by the cared and you will have hell trying to dry it out

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