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22 Sep 2013 - 22:20107474
Help me choose a cosplay, Please!
Hi all!
I need help choosing a cosplay, but I have a few ideas.
I really want to cosplay or crossplay someone in a long coat, or cosplay someone in a long dress, or whatever. I also wanna be someone who isnt...overly cosplayed if that makes sense?
Im so indecisive xD

Also, I dont wanna base a cosplay on how I look, if that makes sense? I'll wear wigs and contacts and what now.

I just want an alternative, non revealing character. With a hint of bad assery xD Okay. Im sorry. Im rambling. Um...Also...I'd like to be an anime character. and if its male, a more...feminine male xD




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22 Sep 2013 - 22:25107475
gene starwind from outlaw star *nods*

22 Sep 2013 - 22:28107476
Willing to Crossdress...
Long Coat...

NEO-- No wait, that's not right.

Ah, yes, how about Sword Art Online's Kirito? http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120809063813/swordartonline/images/f/fa/Kirito_ACD_1.png

>inb4 someone tells me just how overdone this costume is and my newbiness shines through brighter than 100 Pikachu Thunder Bolts : (

Hey! Listen!

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23 Sep 2013 - 19:14107510
Thanks for the suggestions, guys, But Im looking for someone thats not got a lot of cosplayers and if male, someone more...feminine. So...A more feminine male. yes. xD

NEW ACCOUNT- Coffeecat
24 Sep 2013 - 13:15107529
TVTropes has a page called Badass Longcoat - http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/BadassLongcoat

Why not do some research?

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