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21 Sep 2013 - 22:37107416
New guy
Hey guys and girls, I am completely new to display and would really like for you lovely people to fill me in.. Hope to hear from you soon

21 Sep 2013 - 22:57107417
So I realise that I approached this from the wrong angle so here is attempt number 2.

Hi guys my name is Scott and I am from the west Midlands and I missed Comic-Con last year unfortunately but if possible I will be going in October. Now I realise that Comic-Con is only one event related to cosplay but hopefully it will lead onto many others. I guess at the moment if I was to choose a character to be it would be either Zhao yun or ling tong from dynasty warriors. Wether that is relevant to cosplay I don't know. I have also watched the first few episodes of sword art online and I think that's something I could get into.

Anyway that's my journey so far but I would be helpful for any insights into cosplay or any groups in Warwickshire or sites for props etc

Many thanks

22 Sep 2013 - 17:58107446
Welcome aboard!

Can't help with the local meets, but keep an eye on the COsplay Chat section of the boards for people organising things in different regions.

Facebook is also a useful tool, and there are lots of groups for specific areas, or specific costume sources (there are Mass Effect, League of Legends, Star Wars, Doctor Who, and lots more groups)

I don;t know of any Dynasty Warriors groups, but I haven't been looking. I know there are some DW cosplayers here on Cosplay Island. Try asking them

For props, it really depends on what you need. There are people on the site who take commisions for props from LARP-safe quality all the way up to movie-replicas. Try the Markeyplace section. There's a subforum called Commission Corner

22 Sep 2013 - 18:37107450
Ah man a West Midlander who wants to cosplay DW? You are not alone .

22 Sep 2013 - 19:08107452
Hello from East Midlands I'm not sure about local groups in Warwickshire tbh but if you search on facebook there is usually a group set up for different places.

22 Sep 2013 - 21:47107463
welcome to CI, it's a great website with a good community within it

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