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19 Sep 2013 - 14:32107352
Interfacing Help: Mad Moxxi Borderlands (1) Cosplay
I am wanting to go as Mad Moxxi from the original borderlands to the next convention. Ive found the fabric I'm going to use (cotton) and the lining, but I'm not sure about interfacing. I know I'm going to need it for her tail, coller and sleeves. But I'm not sure about weight and what kind of interfacing I should use? I am also unsure about how to place it between the interlining and the original fabric (the cotton.) any help here would awesome! Thanks guys I've also posted a link below to a full frontal of the outfit.


19 Sep 2013 - 15:25107355
I've worked with interfacing before and it's fairly easy to use.
When it comes to placing the interfacing on the fabric, it needs to be placed on what will be the inside of what will be the collar for example, little tip with the interfacing one side will have little bubbles and these bubbles need place onto the fabric as they are the glue that sticks to the fabric and the other side of the interfacing will be smooth.
To get the interfacing to stick to the fabric you will need to use a hot iron and press the iron down on the smooth side of the interfacing for about 10 seconds and just go along the collar pressing down 10 seconds at a time (heads up it might take more than one go to get the interfacing to stick to the fabric so stay patient).

As for the weight and kind of interfacing to use I don't know.

I hope this helps

19 Sep 2013 - 21:37107365
Hey there!

You can get two types of interfacing, sew-in and iron-on.

gxgirl-93 described the iron-on stuff. Generally this stuff is a bit thinner and not as stiff as sew-in interfacing, but it's really convenient because you can cut it to the shape that you want and just iron it on to stick it to your fabric. But make sure you test this on a small swatch of your fabric first. I've never known it to happen but it would suck if the glue dots from the interfacing had an adverse reaction with whatever fabric you were using for your jacket.

You can get iron-on interfacing in both black and white. If you're lining your jacket it's not really going to matter which type you go for, so it'll probably be down to what your fabric store has in stock.

Sew-in interfacing is a bit trickier to work with. You can get it in various levels of stiffness, including stuff so stiff you could happily make a top-hat out of it. Generally I've only ever found sew-in interfacing in white, but that might just be my selection that I've come across before. To use it, you have to cut it to the same shape of the pattern that you're attaching it to, and then you lay the pieces on top of each other (the wrong side of the fabric towards the interfacing) and sew them together about 5mm from the edges. Then when you sew in your lining, you just treat the fabric like normal and sew your right sides together (the interfacing being attached to the wrong side of your outer fabric).

I hope that's not too confusing Let me know if you need any more advice. Looking forward to seeing your Moxxi cosplay, I love her design!

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20 Sep 2013 - 13:53107383
Thanks everyone! I think I know what I'm doing now... I think haha.

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