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18 Sep 2013 - 20:21107330
Need help with a Halloween costume
Right im looking for as much help as possible ,what im going to do is make a costume to resemble the arkham aslym scarecrow from batman s we are having a batman villain theme party this year.
I have an idea how to make the mask for the face but im stuck on what to do for the costume so im looking to see if any of you people could help me out with any material i could use just anything that would help me out also what a to do about trousers ,im on a tightish budget at the moment so if anyone know anywhere i could get cheap stuff online or in the north east of scotland id be very grateful
Hope use can help me out

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18 Sep 2013 - 20:54107333
I’m currently working on a Scarecrow costume myself. I have not got that far yet but you can see my progress along with the list of materials that I used here:


I’m making this one from scratch but if you have a limited budget or want to do something simpler you could try an idea that I saw someone else using at a recent event – the cosplayer had taken a brown fleece hoody and cut off the hood along with some of the shoulder area to make the hood part. The arms of the hoody had also been cut off and all of these sections then had some large stitches made from string added. I think the trousers were just brown combat trousers, again with the large stitches added. You will also want some Hessian for the loincloth and mask but you should be able to get this from a garden centre (or a potato sack).

That should give you a few ideas to start with but let me know if you need more information and I will try to help.

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