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15 Sep 2013 - 23:51107221
Meeting similar minded girls
Hey bit of a cosplay Noob and will be taking part in first cosplay October.

Would be nice to meet some like minded female cosplayers to chat with, become friends and perhaps more.

I'll be going to MCM London with my friend and her boyfriend, she tells me most people at MCM would exchange pleasantries when taking photos but mostly is hard to have a conversation there.

Is there anyone who would be interested in chatting, maybe coffee some time or advice on where to meet like minded people?

What are your own experiences? Or how did you meet your partner?

I appreciate all replies even for a friendly chat


16 Sep 2013 - 00:20107222
It is possible to have chats and make friends at expos! It depends on how you spend your time.

If you spend it in the dealers room all day, yeah, you won't meet anyone, but you can usually start any type of conversation based on a cosplay someone is wearing, as that's an indicator of a series they like

Ayacon Plans
16 Sep 2013 - 08:37107226
First and most importantly, if you go to MCM with the express purpose of getting a girlfriend, you might be in for a disappointment! So try making friends first.

If you're cosplaying, try to get involved with a group or photoshoot (check here, or the MCM forums/Facebook page). You'll meet lots of likeminded people, and have a reason to talk to them.

If you are photographing around the show, you can also try to strike up a conversation with the people you meet. But try not to be one of those creeps that only takes pictures of women in skimpy costumes, and leers over them.

Lastly, when you queue up for entry of tickets, chat to the people in the queue.

EDIT: Just remembered! The MCM events attract all kinds of people. So even if you see an attractive young lady you think is your soul mate, there's no guarantee she's single, interested in guys, from the same continent as you, or even actually female under the wig and makeup!


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21 Sep 2013 - 08:28107393
I would say something though; don't "worry" about being a "creep".

If your intentions are genuine - like you just want to meet people, and it'd be awesome if you might the right person, then you'll be fine. Of course, people can get the wrong idea, but then that's the risk you take if you want to try and be more outgoing. Deep down, you always personally know whether you're talking to people to get to know them, or talking to people to hopefully "hook up" later that evening.

So just try and be outgoing; strike up conversations with people wearing costumes you like, for example.

Those of us who've made a jump from being introvert to being more extrovert have all been through the same experience, I imagine - sat there feeling terrible because someone misread your over-enthusiasm for something else. That's sadly the way that journey works. Just talk in queues, talk to photographers, talk to cosplayers about their costumes or their characters - but also listen. Cosplayers in general love to talk about how they made their costume (it helps if, like me, you actually want to hear about it) and it's a great way to get talking to people.

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21 Sep 2013 - 11:39107400
If you go to a convention with the goal of getting a girlfriend or hooking up, you'll probably be disappointed. However, you could focus on making friends and maybe you could become something more after the con. Make sure you get their Facebook name or something if you make a friend so you don't lose contact!

Also, it helps if you cosplay. If you see someone cosplaying from the same series as you, you've already got some ground to talk on so just try and strike up a conversation about what you're cosplaying from and maybe if they seem to be enjoying the conversation, ask if they'd like to go and grab something to eat with you or something.

Don't be disheartened if anyone says no or doesn't want to converse with you though and you're going to need to be good at telling when people are uncomfortable or not to make judgements on this. Please make sure you know how to sense if someone is uncomfortable because you should leave them alone if they are and just try refine your social skills in general beforehand. It goes a long way.

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