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23 Sep 2013 - 01:25107481
*edit* internet error - double post. Please delete, cheers ^_^


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23 Sep 2013 - 01:26107482
Quote Chibinoodle:
Quote Sephirayne:

For one Collectormaina Manchester back in 2005 there was a massive group of us in Harry Potter costumes. We had with us a friend of mine who was being Voldemort. Because she couldn't go out for food due to being in full make-up she sent us Malfoy's (my friend and I as Draco and Lucius respectfully) out for some food. We decided on the nearest McDonald's as it was across the road from the venue. There were a few people from the event there so I couldn't resist staying in character. When approaching the crew member who served us I put on my best Lucius voice and said, "I will have one of your finest meals, a flurry for the Dark Lord and a Happy Meal for the boy." Everyone around us loved it and we managed to get a couple of locals going along to the event. Although the Happy meal was actually for me it was funny to do.

Damn I wish I had been there, that sounds quite funny when you read it in Lucius's voice XD Definatly one of the best reasons to be in character C:

It was really funny. We wished we had someone on hand to film it. It was and still is one of my favourite cosplay moments. The Harry Potter group I was part of was one of the best groups I've taken part with. We even had Matthew Lewis 'Nevile' referring to us in one of his interviews at the time. He remembered us from the event before where we took over the front section of seating for one his guest talks.

26 Sep 2013 - 16:41107598
I always make sure I get into character ^^ that’s part of the love I have for cosplay Especially on stage

I find practicing poses and phrases is a great way to feel more confident and applying your characters habits in everyday life and be hilarious.

Once as Pascal I went into a shop in Excel and jumped around because they sold bananas’.... yelling I loooooooveee bananas’ XD - the shopkeeper just smiled at me haha!

At Ayacon this year when we were all on stage I made a grinny silly Pascal face and then played around with Hubert's butt flaps......


27 Sep 2013 - 09:15107626
A good rule of thumb is to follow Roger Rabbit's advice -"No, not at any time, only when it was funny.

Quote LMA:
but when people try take photos of me without speaking to me first, I sometimes start to limp towards them in character and pretend to grab for them.

Hahahahaha! That's brilliant!

27 Sep 2013 - 10:17107627
Without character it's just not fun I mean the more people I scared with gluttony or the more cheers I get when im Al Murray makes it so much fun!

Simple as that

27 Sep 2013 - 16:34107643
I agree with the whole "Don't go over board thing."
For example, When I cosplay Mey-Rin, I'll use the voice and her poses, but I'm not gonna run around everywhere, falling over and breaking plates xD

NEW ACCOUNT- Coffeecat
30 Sep 2013 - 14:42107767
I always find it a little hard to get into character for photos and such... which is why it's best when the character has a personality like mine, so it's natural ahaha.

01 Oct 2013 - 10:59107796
I can get into character if it's the right cosplay costume and character such as TDK Joker.

14 Oct 2013 - 20:27108148
I have tried and failed a couple of times, I always try and pose/act like my character in photos, but as I am often Claude or Sebastian from Black Butler, it is hard to stay in character unless I have a Ciel/Alois with me I have managed to stay Grell-like when I was Grell as he is pretty much a fangirl though so that was easy

And now the weather...
15 Oct 2013 - 00:47108161
contrary to what is shown in the pics, I'm rubbish at being in character for photos of Cosplay costumes hun, yet when someone is in a cosplay photo shoot with me, I look like I'm in character which is wierd as.

15 Oct 2013 - 01:58108163
Yea, I get into character. In the type of cosplay that I do, its got to be done, when I go as Jason? I just love giving PPL the silent treatment

15 Oct 2013 - 09:06108164
If I get asked by a parent to take a picture with their kids, I always stay in character. An adults knows you're cosplaying but a kid will call you out that you aren't the real deal.

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