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11 Sep 2013 - 00:53107066
Photo Credit Links
I know this may seem majorly redundant as most of the regular photographers watermark their works and most of us recognize those watermarks but I wondered about having a credit link option.

When a cosplay photo is uploaded, rather than (semi) relying on the cosplayer to put 'photo by' in the description would it be possible to have a drop down menu from which one could select the photographer that took the photo?

Which would then appear with a hyperlink to that photographer's main internet outlet on the photo summary?

Where photographers could add their pages much like events can be suggested via the events page?

With an 'Other' option on the drop down menu where a cosplayer could manually insert a credit link?

Really the main people this would help would be new cosplayers and users who browse the photos and would see the links and be able to familiarize themselves with the photographers in a way that just a picture watermark doesn't convey?

Just a suggestion.


11 Sep 2013 - 11:15107081
It's a good suggestion. We already have adding the photographer credit as a field of it's own when adding photos on our to-do list, if they're one of our registered photographers it could be possible to setup a link system.

11 Sep 2013 - 12:31107084
I really like this idea. It could also help people looking to arrange photoshoots to find a photographer.

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