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10 Sep 2013 - 18:29107049
Disney Kenilworth Castle photoshoot

I was looking for a location for a Princess Aurora shoot and it has kinda expanded - Teacup_Erinyes suggested a location and mentioned that she'd like to join with some of her Princess costumes, my brother is cosplaying Gaston and would like to join in, and John Shek, who is an AMAZING photographer who I've worked with before, said he'd like to do an on-location photoshoot and would be happy to join.

He suggested Warwick Castle, and then Teacup suggested Kenilworth Castle (because it is closer to where I live than Warwick and less commercial) and it's become more realistic than just an idea - and it'd be awesome to get more Disney characters involved!

Kenilworth is just outside Coventry and we were thinking of organizing the shoot sometime after the October conventions are over with, but there's no date set in stone. The venue hasn't been contacted yet but John says it should be pretty simple to get permission.

We've been discussing it on the Expo Photographers facebook group if you'd like to see; https://www.facebook.com/groups/494708613925238/562062510523181/?notif_t=group_comment

It would be wonderful to get some more Princesses or other Disney characters joining in!

10 Sep 2013 - 20:35107052
Defo interested as long as I can get my Ariel costume sorted in time as long as it's not too hard to get too or completely wheelchair inaccessible

11 Sep 2013 - 07:14107070
I live very nearby, so I'd be happy to help out with this shoot if you just want a pair of hands to lift equipment, etc. Plus I could bring my SLR.

I could also maybe get some shots of my Shepard armour on the same day, so let me know.

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