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10 Sep 2013 - 13:42107039
What would be a good cosplay for me?
Pretty much what the title says, I am having some trouble trying to find what anime character would work for me in the up coming con next May in 2014. Any one have any suggestions as to who i should go as? Here is a picture of me below,


This link is to a posted picture on my google+ account. I got time but i just don't know what I should do. I am also looking at a $150 budget.

10 Sep 2013 - 13:50107040
Anyone you want to.

If you want some more solid advice, you should say what animes you're interested in and such. But, generally speaking, you should just cosplay a character you love and not give a poop if someone goes "OMG, but leik, you is 5mm too shoooort!" cause no-one likes those people.

Ayacon Plans
10 Sep 2013 - 13:56107041
From your appearance there's a whole range of anime protagonists you could pull off. However most people will tell you to start off with something you really like- I can list off a ton of characters I think would be fun to cosplay but I don't really think that would be helpful. If you want some suggestions then perhaps you could start with what sort of series you enjoy? Also do you intend to buy it or make it yourself? If you make it yourself then this can effect your choice as you will need to think about what you will be able to achieve.

11 Sep 2013 - 11:00107079
Just to echo the above, a decision to cosplay is quite a personal one. Remember, a cosplay can require a lot of work, so whilst there's nothing wrong with asking for ideas, I would really recommend you go with what you personally want to do, because the person giving advice isn't the one who'll be there at 3am on a Tuesday morning, when you're sat surrounded in craft foam, material and tools, two fingers stuck together with superglue and burns from a glue gun!

One thing to consider, if you're concerned about such things, is to look at characters who have no clearly defined appearance. I picked Commander Shepard because whilst Shepard has a rough look, most people customise his/her face to however they wish. This meant I didn't have to worry about face makeup etc. and could just concentrate on the costume.

My only other piece of advice is to put in a bit of time at the start, and work out how you expect it to look in the finish, and how to get there. This means to know what materials you intend to use for every part. You may also want to nominate one, small, difficult piece and make that first, because if you struggle with that then you'll probably have trouble with the rest.

16 Sep 2013 - 15:22107243
thank you for the feed back. I really do apologize for not specifying some things, I'm really bad at that. I am going to be buying a costume but i am open to some partial crafting. I know I shouldn't worry about how I look, this is more or less i just can't choose who i should be. Some of the anime I really like are Bleach, Death note, Soul Eater, Hellsing, Ao no Exorcist, Code Geass, Guilty Crown, Sword Art Online, Fullmetal alchemist, Fairy Tail, and many more but these are just some suggestions to what i like. I have done Tobi before from Naruto. So please, any help here would be great cause I am not very good at deciding. Thanks for your time. (:

16 Sep 2013 - 16:07107246
What about:

- Soul Eater Evans
- Death the Kid
- Rin Okumura
- Lelouch li Brittania
- Kirito
- Prince Ling

Any favorites amongst those?

16 Sep 2013 - 18:35107254
I definitely like Death the Kid, Kirito, and Rin as ideas. thank you. It's still hard to choose though, haha.

19 Sep 2013 - 15:05107354
Maybe write a list of your favourite anime or game characters and then decide who would be best to cosplay

19 Sep 2013 - 18:09107361
I have actually tried that but the thing is I can't decide so I would like to see what others think. I would like to see who people say I could cosplay quite well.

21 Sep 2013 - 22:15107415
How about:
Ichigo out of Bleach
Edward out of Full Metal Alchemist
Near out of Death note

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