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07 Sep 2013 - 14:53106920
Anyone good at photo editing?
So I'm planning on getting some photo's taken for comic-cons, personal use and for my Facebook/YouTube. I'll be cosplaying characters from "Black Butler" mostly and am in need of someone to do some adjustments to them such as; smoothing blemishes, changing eye colour, darkening. Just making the pictures suit the dark story line more. If anyone is interested in the editing then I'd be really greatful, of course you can use them for yourself too. If how I've described the editing isn't clear then please message me and I'll be able to forward some pictures from a pair of cosplayers that have the editing I'm hoping to get. Thanks~

09 Sep 2013 - 14:22106999

I am a photographer... I can help you out!

Feel free to have a look at my page to see the kinda stuff i do.. there's cosplay images in the 'releasing the shutter album' and photomanipulations in the 'something darker this way comes' album



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