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11 Mar 2009 - 22:2611578
hiya ^o^
guess i'll join in with this,

i'm kattgrava most people call me Katt or Lee
i've been cosplaying for around 1 and 1/2 years and have been to Amecon '07, '08, ALcon '08 and am going to Kitacon '09 and ALcon '09
i'm one of the newest members of the cosplay group Wayward Destiny and we'll all be at Kita ^^ so come and say hi

i've got a few cosplays:
Naruto: Rock Lee (both), Shino (Shippuuden), Yamato (shippuuden), ANBU Tenzo (shippuuden) Kimimaro, Kabuto & Kurenai
Death Note: L & Near
Saiyuki Reload: Son Goku

i'm making quite a few props at the moment aswell

I am actually a shy person, but VERY hyperactive and clumsy so...Hooray!

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