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29 Aug 2013 - 20:04106655
Scythe Prop - best material??
Hi! ^.^ I'm making a retractable Crescent Rose from RWBY and I wanted to know the best material to use for the main body and sniper? I've seen tutorials online but although I know it's possible, none are done using a retractable system which requires quite a durable yet thin material.

Would Kappa board or some other type of display boards be ok to use? I can get those rather cheap in my town but I'm not that used to making props ^.^'

This is the prop I'm making:

(The image is a bit large but its the only full reference with both the folded up and extended version)

05 Sep 2013 - 17:11106866
For the handle, I'd say wood, due to it being sturdy. An easy way would be to buy a broom handle and decorate it. For the other parts, you can get the detail you need using card, foam and plastics. They also have the advantage of being light weight so you can carry and pose with the object


Can ya guess the theme yet?
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