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27 Aug 2013 - 20:06106603
Kamen Rider Cosplayers
Kamen Rider is one of those things that isn't very well known in the UK cosplay community. Just interested how many Rider Cosplayers there are out there and what characters you do!

27 Aug 2013 - 20:32106604
You would be suprised dude I have had 3 or 4 Rider and Sentai related groups heck even an ultraman group! as for me

Gentaro Kisaragi *fourze*
Ryotaro Nogami In his Kintaros/Momotaros/urutaros Forms
Shotaro hidari
Kotaro Minami in his Black RX costume
Tsukasa Kadoya
Takeshi Hongo in his episode 3 garb

hoping for many many more! Baron will be my next most likely XD

as for Sentai...a fair few more XD


29 Aug 2013 - 18:46106652
Haven't seen any myself, nor cosplayed any, but it's great to see fans. I'm more of a recent fan, just finished watching Faiz. If I feel inspired enough then perhaps some cosplay in future.

29 Aug 2013 - 20:04106656
Fantastic stuff! Faiz was good fun for me too~ Hope you find someone you like enough to cosplay as them!

07 Sep 2013 - 02:52106915
i20 ドライバー
これまで使っていたG2 tour(400ccモデル)と、どちらをエースにするか、かなり迷っています。

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