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06 Oct 2013 - 13:51107934
I think it's easier to feel comfortable around like minded cosplayers When I meet my fabulous friends I'm a completely different person.

However on the flip side, I suffer with anxiety a lot more than I would like to admit. It makes it difficult to approach new people and I cut off from idiots.

I find that bright bubbly people need to approach me and help bring me out of my shell And as selfish and as lazy as that sounds it's true. When you get that niggly churning/claustrophobic feeling arises, just concentrate on your breathing.

14 Oct 2013 - 10:37108135
Anxiety, depression and panic attacks linked to being heavily medicated and allergic to the universe here!

It may be surprising for a lot of the people who have met/know me but, I am terrified every single day of leaving the house and talking to people I don't know in person or over the phone, which turns me into a nightmarish ball of nerves and blubbing. I am terrified of the crowds at cons and events and I hate being in confined spaces with too many people. Too many smells and textures and noise and too much light can set me off panicking and wanting to run away and hide too.

BUT, I force myself to do it anyway. It may take me a while to build up to talking to someone new at an event and starting a conversation; and doesn't always work out, sometimes it ends in tears (especially if the Jobcentre is involved), BUT, it pays off 9 times out of 10 and I get to meet lots of fantastic new people.

I am waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better at talking on forums and via e-mail/text than verbally, so I may seem garralous as heck online, I am a wee mousie in person until I feel comfortable enough to start nattering away. Once you get me going I can talk for ages, but it's that first step that's hardest.

Cosplay helps hugely with this. If you join a group/gathering of people cosplaying the same thing you instantly have that "in", that opening gambit: "You like, x thing, me too! What do you think of the latest episode?" You can share your nerdery with people who aren't going to judge you for liking it. Sure, they might disagree with your OTP, but as long as it leads to constructive debate and not an all-out OTP war ("my point is the only valid one!", it's actually really good. Especially if you arrange it online prior to the event on the con or CI forums, then you already have a very basic rapport with the people you're going to be meeting and an idea of what cosplay they'll be wearing so you already feel a bit more comfortable talking to them in person (or I do anyway).

Another thing I've found helps is something I started doing this year: challenging myself to do something I'm scared of every day. Every time I go to an event I have to come away with at least one "contact". It seems to be working for me.

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14 Oct 2013 - 13:47108136
awww hugs
awww hunny its ok you aare not alone i suffer from it too . Cosplay is great it brings me out of my shell loads and helps me feel positive about yourself . anxiety is nothing to be ashamed of . panic attacks are normal i get stressed out about everything and it does make life pretty sad sometimes but as long as you have good friends its not all bad . Everyone on cosplay island is really nice .

17 Oct 2013 - 11:36108219
I have been on a 3 year battle with anxiety and depression.
I am also clausterophobic.
As far as all this goes with a convention atmosphere. I really hate going into the hall unless i know its not going to be crowded as i will panic.
I don't mind the general atmosphere of the convention as usually i meet up with people who i know and groups i have gotten to know and such so its not as daunting. But i really get jittery and such when random people come up to me or ask for a photo and the such. But its something i have learned to get better at.
There is alot of people out there who suffer with things like this as people have said. There are plenty of friendly cosplayers out there :3
Also one thing i like about expo especially is that there are plenty of places that you can go and relax and escape the busyness :3

25 Oct 2013 - 17:08108507
Anxiety, a bit of depression and selective mutism to add to the mix.

I've been cosplaying for about 5 years now and I still often find myself being left out at meets and stuff while everyone else is having a good time because I can't speak at certain times. I had a less than great time in secondary school and that's when it's believed to have started. My family keep saying I've gotten "better" since then but meh.

It's funny, I can dance in front of hundreds of people but when it comes to speaking then I can barely breathe.


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